Welcome to South Sound Artisan Guild (SSAG)

South Sound Artisan Guild (SSAG) is a subsidiary company of Black Rune Creations LLC specializing in event planning and coordination of craft shows and fairs for small businesses and artists that specialize in handmade and/or unique items for retail sale. Our mission is to provide artisans with a quality marketplace to sell their crafted merchandise, connect with their customers, and develop their customer base.

Why we started

Small businesses tend to have limited capital to operate and limited opportunities to sell their goods in person due to financial limitations. Events such as craft shows allow small businesses to work together to create an in-person shopping experience by pooling resources and supporting each other.

Meet the Owner

Lina Ciampi started South Sound Artisan Guild (SSAG) to help provide a quality creative marketplace for fellow small business owners to connect with their customers. Lina also owns and operates Black Rune Creations, a creative gift shop.

The Future

As South Sound Artisan Guild (SSAG) grows we will expand to larger venues in order to accommodate more vendors. We will continue to add talented small business owners and creators to our markets, book quality venues, develop our customer following, and continuously aim to increase customer attendance at our events. Contact us for more events!

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